Our Services

Enquire with your sales representative on total cost of your vehicle

  • Our sales representative will provide an accurate and detailed quotation explaining the costs involved in acquiring your dream car.

Once payment is made you will receive confirmation and constant updates of the delivery of your vehicle.

Kindly make sure you pay into the banking details provided to you by the sales agent approved by the sales manager. Kindly double check details at the bank before releasing funds and confirm with your bank



You can come and collect your vehicle.

  • This is advisable if you are comfortable driving all the way back to Zambia


  • Pick up from bus stop or airport can be arranged to accommodation supplied by SA2ZED


  • Accommodation can be arranged should you request.


  • You will be accompanied by our friendly SA team.


  • We advise you arrive once all documentation has been completed in order not to pro-long your stay. (Although you are welcome to stay and enjoy SA longer)


You can have one of our registered drivers collect your vehicle on your behalf and receive real time communication and tracking.

  • Only Drivers registered on SA2ZED will be allowed to deliver vehicles on your behalf. We will only release vehicles to registered drivers. This will ensure we can provide you the best service and security.

Transporter Truck

You can ask us to put the vehicle on a transporter truck.

  • Once export documents for ALL VEHICLES on the load has been received, the documents together with the SA2ZEDS manifest is sent to the client and his / her nominated Zambian clearing agent for pre-clearance on the day of despatch. Once all documents have been received it can take from 1 – 5 days depending on the planned carrier’s location.


  • Once all vehicles on the load have been cleared and released by ZRA, the carrier will proceed to final destination. The process from despatch to delivery on average takes 7 – 8 days, BUT due to the numerous scenarios involved with clearing into Zambia this may increase and does vary from load to load.

We'll drive to you!

Once your vehicle is purchased we will deliver it to your door!

Bring your own driver or use our trusted drivers to collect the vehicle for you.

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Thousands of South African dealerships advertise on our platform, so finding the right vehicle is easy with the assurance of variety and choice.

Yes! Even better, We sell brand new Vehicles aswell. Infact, all modes of transport, from Motor Cycles to boats to trucks!

Our driver will constantly give you travel updates to your door.

Answer: ONLY make payment at the FNB Branch to ensure you pay into the correct account.


Yes! , Whether its for a small or large business.

At the moment we require full payment for the vehicle before delivery! We are working on more payment options, visit our website regularly to find out when we update our payment options.